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    PINEAPPLE COLLECTIVE is a free-spirited, lifestyle fashion brand and retailer offering a variety of women's clothing and accessories. We combine trendy designs with affordable price tags. We are dedicated to bring you all the latest fashion looks with a mix of unique accessories from around the world.

    Family-owned from New York, US, we run our business based on Family values and a lot of love for what we do. Our first priority is to make our customers happy. We do this by being very responsive, honest, and by learning every day from our experiences. We promise you will have a wonderful experience shopping with us and it will only get better.

    We work hard everyday to find unique, handmade, colorful items that you won't find just by going to the mall. They are curated from all over the world. With the purchase of these items, we are supporting Artisans and their families from all over the world.

    We also offer very trendy boutique items. These are hot, trendy, on demand clothes and accessories that quickly sell out. We work hard everyday to restock those hot ticket items.

    We proud ourselves of providing Great Products without the high retail mark-up and with the Best Customer Service. 

    Also, we know you want those items deliver quick. Our policy is to ship your items as soon as we can so you can get your products in less than a week and with a US warehouse, we guarantee quick delivery. 

    Our Mission is to make a difference in the Retail Industry by focusing on Consumer Satisfaction.

    Our goal is to be able to bring that smile and certainty in your face that you are beautiful and unique. Our goal is to make your personality shine. Remember, the best accessory you can have is your attitude. Believe you are beautiful because you are beautiful and unique.


    With Love,       

    Pineapple Collective Team 



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